Weddings, Babies, Funerals

Women’s Life Ministry will no longer be responsible to host C.L.  baby showers, C.L. wedding showers, nor C.L. funerals.  This will become the responsibility of the Lifegroup that the church member is actively involved and affiliated with.
  •  Kitchen facilities are always available for our church family.  Booking the facility will need to be done through Terry McCullah immediately to secure date of use.
  •  Any individual desiring to host a shower for any occasion will need to schedule that event with Terry McCullah the calendar keeper.  He can be reached at 865-426-4448 or 865-755-3100
Our intentions with the procedure changes will encourage our church family to be connected with the body of Christ through Lifegroup.  
Our Lifegroups will become the lifeline for relationships and the seed for all life changing events such as weddings, new babies and loss of loved ones.